Customizing the Number and Length of Periods

You have the ability to edit the number of periods that your team plays within a game, as well as the length of those periods.

Open the app on your Apple device and select the Settings option along the left side of the screen. In the Settings menu, choose the Games tab at the bottom of the screen. From here, you can customize the app for your games. Adjust the Period length to suit your needs, as well as the length of overtime periods. You can also select the number of periods- 2 will set you up to record halves in the system, while 4 will allow you to track quarters. The program default is set for 4- 8 minute quarters.

To edit this setting on your Android device, you must make the adjustment within each individual game. Open a particular game on the device and navigate to the event entry screen. Here, touch the device menu button, then choose the Settings option that appears. Now you should see the game settings appear, where you can select the Use Halves option, as well as edit the length of periods.

Some newer Android devices require a new build, which our programming team is currently working on. If your device does not have a menu button (Nexus tab, etc), you may not be able to edit the game settings just yet. We'll keep you posted as we release new versions of the app in the future.

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