Edit Event in Console

You have the ability to edit Event details including event titles (for non-sporting events), Live Stream details, and VOD details.

Here is a brief instructional video.  Step-by-step instructions can be found below.




Editing at the Event Level

If you need to edit the Event details (not the Live Stream details), Event title (for non-sports), or thumbnail, click on the blue event name at the top of the page:

  • Click the Edit Event tab to edit the Event’s details including
    • Start date/time
    • Venue
    • Participants


Editing a (Non-sporting) Event Title 

  • Click the Edit Title to change the name of your non-sporting event
    • Bubble in the Use Edited Title
    • Enter in the first line of your event
    • Enter in the second line of your event (optional)
    • Click the Update Title button



Editing a Thumbnail Image

  • Click the Edit Thumbnail to change the default image of the thumbnail
    • Bubble in the Use Uploaded Thumbnail
    • Click the Select Image button
    • Browse for an image (keep in mind it will need to be 300 pixels wide by 150 pixels tall)
    • Click the Update Thumbnail button



Editing at the Live Stream Level

From the Live Stream Details page, you can:

  • Click the Edit Stream tab to revise any of the Live Stream details such as the description or the privacy settings

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