Custom Stats

Custom Stats must be created on the web

1. Go to and enter your Digital Scout log in

2. Select the team you want to create custom stats for

3. Hover over the "Preferences" drop down tab along the top of the page and

select "Team"

4. On the right side of the page you'll see "Custom Statistics"

a. Select "Create Custom Statistic"
b. Enter the name and abbreviation for your custom statistic
c. When finished creating your custom statistics log out of the web on your computer. On your Apple device, Sync to web


Viewing new custom stats on the Apple device

1. When you sync to the web your custom stats will import to the Apple device

a. If not listed, click on your preferences and click on the change user/email address to log in again.

2. Follow the steps to create a new game on your Apple device

3. Set your lineup for the new game

4. Select "Enter new events"

5. Your custom stats are housed under "Custom"

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