LiveStream Setup - Manager


1. CMS Login
2. CDN location configured
3. User profile configured for manual broadcast.

Step 1: Open Livestream Studio.


Step 2: Click on ‘Stream’ tab.


Step 3: Click ‘Change Provider’.


Step 4: In the drop down menu select RTMP.


Step 5: Click ‘Select’.


Step 6: Fill in the RTMP URL. Link


Step 7: Select ‘Show Quality Settings’.


Step 8: Check the ‘Authorization’ button.


Step 9: Fill in the User Name and Password. (Both are case sensitive.) Link


Step 10: Fill in the Stream Name. This will be the Event ID from Manager.


Step 11: Click ‘Go Live’.


Step 12: At the top of your screen click the record button. (In case you have to do a manual upload later.)


Step 13: Manuel start the production in Manager. Link

And You're done.

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