Launching Producer Through Console

Launching Producer for a Live Stream

To launch the Producer streaming software, you will need to have the latest version of the software. Make sure you have downloaded the version found by clicking on the Production Software link in the menu on the left side of Console.

There are multiple ways to launch Producer in Console.

Events Console:

  • Click on the Events link in the menu
  • Find the name of your event in the grid (be sure to choose the correct event that you plan to broadcast)
  • Click the Produce Stream button


Event Details page:

  • From the Events page, click on the name of your event to get to the Event Details page
  • Click the Produce Stream button


Live Stream Details page:

  • On the Event Details page, scroll down and click on the Live Stream thumbnail
  • Click the Produce Stream



  • Go to
  • Find your event
  • Click the Produce button


Producer User Interface

There are a few steps to run through before launching the software.

1) Enter in the name and mobile number of someone who will physically be at the event you plan to broadcast. This is so our Production Support team can contact you if necessary.

  • Enter in your video configuration:
    • Single camera if you plan to broadcast with one camera
    • Multi-camera if you plan to broadcast with more than one camera and use a video switcher
    • Sound-mixer if you plan to broadcast with announcers

2) Test your stream

  • By clicking on the Check Upload Speed button, with automatically open in another web browser tab
  • Hit Test to start your Internet speed test
  • You will need to have an UPLOAD speed of at least 2 Mbps to stream live

Run a Test Stream in Producer

  • IMPORTANT: Running a test is incredibly important to the streaming process, especially if you’re broadcasting at a new location. This gives you a chance to catch any disruptions before your actual broadcast begins.
  • Make sure your video capture device is plugged into the laptop
  • Click on the Launch Producer for Test Stream button to launch the software o Start Producer as you would any other broadcast (Start Stream > Go On Air)
  • Click back to your web browser and click the Preview Test Stream to watch the live stream test and confirm that a video signal is going out
  • EXIT out of Producer (Go Off Air > Stop Stream > x-out of the window > Upload Later)

3) Click on the Launch Producer for Live Stream when you’re ready to begin your ACTUAL LIVE BROADCAST

  • Learn how to produce events here!




If your live broadcast ever gets disrupted, you can relaunch Producer through Console.

  • Re-open your web browser
  • Go to and sign in
  • Find your event
  • Click the "Complete" button (This has changed from "Produce Stream")
  • The information put in previously for this event should be pre-populated
  • Click the Launch Producer for Live Stream to start the software


Production Information

From the Live Stream Details page, you can:

  • Click the Productions tab to:
    • Watch your broadcast as it streams live
    • Click the View on Site button to get a quick link of where it will stream on the NFHS Network
    • See the Production History of the event
    • Refer to the Stream Details for the Embed Code (as shown below)
















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