Building Your Team

You have committed to broadcasting your school’s events, now you have to find a team that can support you. Here are some of our best practices and ideas.

Before you start recruiting students create an overview of the program to explain your broadcast team and what its goals. Make sure these goals and objectives are conveyed to students during the recruiting process. Generate leads during recruiting and do not be afraid to follow up with the interested students.  


The Recruiting Process - Ideas on how to recruit students

  • Orientation Nights: Catch the eyes of incoming students and their parents and set up a table at the beginning of the year orientations, or open houses. Parents are great influencers for career skill building.
  • Morning Announcements: Include information about your recruitment during morning announcements, or include information in the school newspapers
  • Social Media: Use Twitter and Facebook to solicit student (and even adult) volunteers
  • Find ONE student to start (a manager for the football team, a former player that can’t play anymore, a spring season athlete that would want to be involved in the fall too, etc) and give him or her the responsibility of putting a team together     
  • Volunteer Hours: Many honor societies and community clubs require students to have a specific number of volunteer hours throughout the school year. Make this a club where you can have the hours spent working with the broadcast club fulfill volunteer hours
  • Use your teacher resources: Talk to your colleagues as they are ones that interact constantly with students as well. Figure out who they have in class that would be a good fit.
  • JUST ASK: At the end of the day, just ask students if they are interested in starting something NEW and EXCITING at your high school. They will be interested, or perhaps even know of someone else.
  • Talk to principal about sending out email to parents of a brief explanation of the club, and how it can benefit their children’s future


Recruiting Questions

  • Do you love sports?
  • Does Technology interest you?
  • Are you interested in being in front or behind a camera?
  • Have you ever thought of being a producer or a broadcaster?
  • Are you considering journalism or a sports broadcasting career?
  • Did you know you can get real life broadcasting experience right here in school?
  • Do you want to get ahead of your peers for college?
  • Looking for something to add to your resume?
  • Do you want to be part of ESPN at ______? (Insert your school)
  • Are you the next Kirk Herbstreit? Do you want to be?
  • Are you the next Erin Andrews? Do you want to be?


Sample of School Broadcast Program Overview

(INSERT) High School, and the NFHS Network are pleased to announce our partnership in producing live (INSERT MASCOT) athletic events throughout the year. Broadcasts that are produced right here at (SCHOOL NAME) are aired on the NFHS Network for (MASCOT) fans to enjoy from their phone, laptop or computer, whenever they want!

We are looking for students to join our broadcast club as we expand this venture at our school. Each student will be trained on how to produce school events and live sports broadcasts and introduced to the software that we use. Students will be assigned different roles throughout each broadcast to broaden their skills in either production, videography or live broadcasting. The program gives students an opportunity to gain hands on experience to get prepared for college and professional careers in the journalism industry all while increasing the school’s brand and school spirit throughout the community.

Our goal at (INSERT BROADCAST CLUB NAME) is to help raise awareness of (MASCOT) excellence both on and off the field, and we need YOU to help us do this. If any of this interests you, please let (TEACHER NAME) know. We look forward to you joining our (CLUB Name) Club for this upcoming school year.




Here are some downloads and examples to help you recruit students to build an awesome broadcast program!

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