Defensive Fumble Recoveries (Football)

Defensive Takeaways is a stat category within the football program which is now dependent on the opponent team's Offensive Fumbles Lost stat. Previously, Defensive Fumble Recoveries entered in Quick Entry could affect total Defensive Turnovers. It has since been determined that the stat calculation was flawed, and the Defensive Fumble Recovery stat is being removed, effective July 1, 2015. If you have used Quick Entry to add defensive fumble recoveries in the past, you will need to adjust your stats to ensure your reports are accurate.

1. Sign In to your account at
2. Go to the Team Dashboard screen by clicking "View" next to your team (you may need to select your team from the "Teams" drop down menu along the top of the screen)
3. Click the Schedule option
4. Find the Game in your schedule for which you need to correct the Defensive Fumble Recovery Quick Stats. Click the downward pointing arrow along the right side of the screen for this game and choose the Quick Entry option from the available options.
5. The Quick Entry screen will appear
     a. You'll see three tabs that you can select in order to enter Quick Stats for this game- Your team, the Opponent team, and the Box Score
          i. Select the opponent team tab near the upper left corner of the screen
          ii. Find and select the "Team" player from the list of players along the left side of the screen
          iii. The "Team" player and stat categories will appear in the center of the screen.
          iv. Find and select the Offensive section of the Quick Entry section. From here, locate the specific fumble type (i.e. Rushing Fumbles, Receiving Fumbles, etc). You can click the up and down arrows to add a fumble for the team player. You can also click on the text box and type in the appropriate number for that specific stat category
          v. If your team recovered the fumble, make sure to add the appropriate number in the "Fumbles Lost" stat category as well. NOTE: In order to add a lost fumble, you must first enter a specific type of fumble (i.e. Rushing Fumble).
          vi. After updating the necessary fumble categories for this game, click the Save option near the upper right corner of the screen to record the stats
          vii. Repeat this process for all of the games where you've entered Defensive Fumble Recoveries using the Quick Entry process

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