Video On Demand and Uploading in Console

In the new Event Manager, all Live Streams automatically create and upload a Video On Demand (VOD) after the broadcast is complete.  However, if you have decided to record On Demand due to insufficient Internet, or just want to upload a previously created video file.


Scheduling an On Demand Broadcast

Go to and sign in.

  • Click on the Add New Event tab
  • Select the Activity of your event
    • Activities are organized alphabetically by “Competition” events first, then by “Other” for non-competition events
    • If you have selected the wrong Activity and need to edit it, click on the blue Back to Step 1 link
  • Continue to fill out your Event details:
    • Gender
    • Level 
    • Type
    • Sub-Venue: this is optional and is typically used where there are potentially multiple broadcasts in a single location, like Gymnastics)
    • City
    • State
    • Start Time: this is date and time that the broadcast of event will begin (be sure to select the correct time zone)
    • Participants: select the state that you and your opponents are from
    • + : click this button to add your school, then click it again to add your opponent
  • Click Next
  • Once the Live Stream scheduling wizard pops up, click the Close button

  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Event Details page and click on the Add Video Recording button

    • Publisher: this is the school or affiliate that will be broadcasting the event (if you only have access to one Publisher, it will auto-populate)
    • Producer: typically the same as the Publisher
    • Description: this is an optional field where you can put additional information about the event
    • Other Options: if you click this link, you can:
      • Check the Make the VOD Unlisted to make the Video On Demand hidden from public searching or viewing
      • Use the Blackout Dates for VOD to hide the Video On Demand from public viewing for a said amount of time (the VOD will automatically appear after the blackout end date)
      • Choose to:
        • Add VOD Later

          • Upload VOD File to upload your video (be aware that this may take several minutes)
      • Click the Create VOD button  


Uploading a Video File

To manually upload an On Demand video or pre-recorded video file:

  • Make sure that an event has been scheduled
  • Click on the event name
  • On the Event Details page, scroll down and click on the Video On Demand thumbnail
  • Click on the Edit Details tab
    • Click on the Replace File? button
    • Browse for your video file
    • Click the Update Details to initiate the file upload


Video Format:

Wrapper: MP4
Codec: h264
Bitrate (video): 750 kbps
Frame Rate: 29.97 fps
Frame Size: 640x360
Bitrate (audio): 96 kbps
Audio Frequency: 44100 Hz
Audio Encoding: AAC



Editing Videos

The video editor in Console is a tool you can use to clip off the beginning or end of your video file. Keep in mind, it is not capable of clipping out the middle of a broadcast.

  • From the Events Console, click on the name of your event
  • On the Event Details page, scroll down and click on the Video On Demand thumbnail
  • Click on the Edit Video tab
    • Use the top scrum bar to move to your desired new start point of the video
    • Click the gray In button
    • User the top scrum bar to move to your desired new end point of the video
    • Click the gray Out button
    • Click the Update Video button

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