Home/Events Page in Console

Here are some details about the new Event Manager homepage:

  • Go to console.nfhsnetwork.com and sign in
  • On the “Events” page you can:
    • Search for an event by entering in a keyword or clicking on the “Advanced Search” option
    • Schedule an event by clicking on the “Add New Event” link
    • Schedule an entire sports season by clicking on the “Add New Season” link
  • The “Event Grid” includes the following information:
    • Live Stream: this is where you can start or restart productions
    • Event ID: this is the event’s unique id (also known as an Event Unity Key)
    • Title: this is the event’s title and is what will appear on the NFHS Network
    • Activity: this is the specific sport or activity of the event
    • Start Time: this is the start date and time of the event
    • Publisher(s): the "author" of the event
    • State: the state that the event was produced
    • Status: this is broadcast status of the event (i.e. if the Live Stream is complete or a VOD has been uploaded)
    • Highlights: this is how many highlights clipped for the event
  • In the menu to the left, you can access:
    • Event Report: where you can pull event analytics (number of views)
    • Highlights: where you will be able to access the highlights you create in Manager or that have been uploaded via Producer (under construction)
    • SBP Support: a quick link to our support site, support.nfhsnetwork.com
    • Producer Software: a link to the newest producer software



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