Add a New Event and Live Stream in Console

In the new Event Manager, an Event refers to an occurrence that happens at a certain date, time, place and includes certain participants.  An Event can include different elements including Live StreamsVODs, and Datacasts.  Think of it as a container that can hold multiple broadcasting "items."  If multiple Publishers (the school/affiliate that is broadcasting the event), plan to broadcast the same Event, there can be multiple Live Streams, VODs, and Datacasts.  


Here is a brief instructional video.  Step-by-step instructions can be found below.



Scheduling an EVENT

  • Go to and sign in
  • Click on the “Add New Event” tab
  • Select the Activity of your event
    • Activities are organized alphabetically by “Competition” events first, then by “Other” for non-competition events
    • If you have selected the wrong Activity and need to edit it, click on the blue “Back to Step 1” link
  • Continue to fill out your Event details:
    • Gender
    • Level 
    • Type
    • Sub-Venue: this is optional and is typically used where there are potentially multiple broadcasts in a single location, like Gymnastics)
    • City
    • State
    • Start Time: this is date and time that the broadcast of event will begin (be sure to select the correct time zone)
    • Participants: select the state that you and your opponents are from
    • + : click this button to add your school, then click it again to add your opponent
  • Click “Next” 


Scheduling a LIVE STREAM

Continue to fill out your Live Stream details (or click the “Close" if you would like to add your Live Stream later or do not plan to broadcast your event live and record for On Demand)

    • Publisher: this is the school or affiliate that will be broadcasting the event (if you only have access to one Publisher, it will auto-populate)
    • Producer: typically the same as the Publisher
    • Description: this is an optional field where you can put additional information about the event
    • Other Options: if you click this link, you can:
      • Check the "Make Live Stream Unlisted” box to make the live broadcast hidden from public searching and viewing
      • Check the “Make the VOD Unlisted” to make the Video On Demand hidden from public searching or viewing
      • Use the “Blackout Dates for VOD” to hide the Video On Demand from public viewing for a said amount of time (the VOD will automatically appear after the blackout end date)
    • Upload Video File: if you have already recorded the event and wish upload that file with the creation of the event, click the button and select your video file for upload (clicking next will initiate the upload)
    • Click the “Next” button 
  • From the “Event Details” page, you can:
    • Click the “Edit Event” tab to revise any of the Event Details
    • Click the "Edit Title" tab to change the title of the event (Headline and Subheadline)
    • Click the "Edit Thumbnail" tab to change the default thumbnail to an uploaded image (Thumbnails should be 300 x 150 pixels)
    • Click the “Delete Event” tab to delete the Event (this includes the live streams and VODs)
    • Click the "Produce Stream" Button to start a production for the live stream
  • To access the Live Stream or Videos On Demand (VOD) details, click on their respective buttons at the bottom of the page
    • "Live Stream Details" - for live streams of an event, this page contains all the important information especially the Live Stream ID, you also can find the embed link if this is a non-sporting event.
    • "Productions" - this gives you the ability to monitor your broadcast during live production
    • "Delete Stream" - this will delete the live stream for the event (not the whole event)



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