Wirecast Setup - Console and Manager


1. CMS Login
2. CDN location configured
3. Console Login
4. User profile configured for manual broadcast


Some information here is password protected. If you have questions about setup or needs information that is protected, contact support


Step 1: Open Wirecast


Step 2: Click the ‘Output’ tab and select ‘Output Settings’.


Step 3: Select ‘Limelight’ as your destination.


Step 4: Change name to PlayOnSports.


Step 5: Set Encoding to 360p for SD and 720p for HD.


Step 6: Fill in the Address with the RTMP address. Link


Step 7: Enter the stream name. (This will be your Live Steam ID in Console and the Event ID in Manager) Link


Step 8: Click ‘Set Credentials’. 


Step 9: Enter the User Credentials. Link


Step 10: In Wirecast click the plus button.


Step 11: Select the camera and choose ‘Add Elgato Video Capture Shot.’


Step 12: Press the go button.


Step 13: Select the ‘Stream’ button.


Step 14:  Select the record button. (In case you have to do a manual upload later.)


Step 15: Start the production manually in Console or in Manager.

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