Broadcast Plan


  • Survey your production site ahead of time to ensure you have the following:
    • Adequate space for crew and equipment
    • Power source
    • Internet connection
  • Coordinate with a site contact (if applicable) to make sure they know you are coming
  • Arrive at your site early to allow ample time to set up equipment
  • Run a TEST STREAM before your actual production


A complete broadcast should include video, audio commentary, and graphics. The chart below outlines the “flow” of a sports broadcast and what each crew member(s) should be doing in their respective roles:


  • Some general guidelines for the camera operator include:
    • White balance before the start of your broadcast
    • Keep your subject(s) in focus
    • Move steadily – no jerking the camera
    • Zoom when applicable (and do not zoom too fast)
  • Some general guidelines for the audio commentators (talent) include:
    • Do research on both teams ahead of time – rosters, records, interesting facts
    • Provide informed and unbiased (as much as possible) commentary
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