How do I schedule an event?

  • Go to and sign in
    Under the Events tab, click on New Competitive Events (for scheduling games) or New Other Events (for scheduling activities)
  • "Event Publisher" and "Produced By" should be your school (EX: CIF Sac-Joaquin: East Jefferson High School)
    Fill in all fields marked with a red asterisk and add the opposing team as a "Participant"
  • Make sure the DATE and TIME of your broadcast is the actual DATE and TIME you plan to start your production
  • Under broadcast availability, choose your selection accordingly:
    • Live = the event will stream live only, and willnot be available to watch after completion
    • Live and On Demand = the event will stream live and will be available to watch after completion (recommended)
    • On Demand = you will record the event and upload at a later date for on demand viewing
  • If you decide to set a Blackout Date for your event (a period of time that the video will be unavailable), make sure to set the Start Date for the day after your event airs
  • Note your Event ID # - the Production Support team uses this as a reference when you call in 


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