How do I live stream using Producer?

  • Be sure to plug in your video capture device into your laptop’s USB port before launching Producer.
  • Connect to the Internet and check your connection. To verify your upload speed, you may run a Speed Test using As long as your upload speed is greater than 2 MBPS, you should be able to live stream successfully.
  • Double-click the PlayOn Producer icon on your desktop to launch Producer.
  • Sign in using the same username and password you used to access Manager and schedule your event.
  • In the “Settings” window, select your video capture device, and be sure to choose the appropriate overlay package based on the type of event you are producing.
    • All sports-specific packages will adapt the scoreboards accordingly
    • If you are broadcasting a non-sporting event, select the “Generic” overlay package.
  • Sort and select your event in the “Events Window”
    • Note that if you have previously accessed the same event in Producer, the event state will change from Scheduled to Completed, so you will want to make sure you are searching “All” event states.
  • Connect your video and audio cables and confirm your picture and sound are clear in the program screen (top right) and by clicking the headphones icon.
  • Prep your overlays and videos to use in-broadcast
  • Start the stream and Go On Air when you are ready to broadcast live on the Network
  • Broadcast Your Event
  • Stop the Stream and Go Off Air when you complete your broadcast
  • Exit Producer and select upload now or later
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