Using AVC to Stitch Videos Together

From time to time, your broadcast may experience Internet issues which may cause local copy of your to be saved in multiple files.  We suggest using Any Video Converter (AVC) to stitch these files together before uploading to your event. 


1. Use Any Video Converter (this is a software that should be on the computer we gave you, but if not it can be downloaded for free online)

2. Drag the .f4v files associated with your event in chronological order into the AVC window.

3. Select "Customized MP4 Movie" in the top right corner.

4. In basic settings click the gear beside video size and set it to "640x360".

5. In video options set video codec to "x264" and video bitrate to "1024".

6. In audio options set audio codec to "aac" and audio bitrate to "96".

7. Then choose merge and convert (or just convert if there is only one file you are trying to format).

8. After it is done converting, your video file should be in the correct format to upload.


You can find a free download by clicking here and PDF instructions below.

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