What advertising opportunities do we have?

The School Broadcast Program allows you to sell your own advertisements in-broadcast and on the your NFHS Network page. You may keep 100% of the money generated off of your ad sales.


The following assets are available to you in-broadcast:

  • “Presented By” sponsor for entire coverage, keys to the game, and/or halftime states.
  • Commercials
  • Reads supported with Lower-Third Graphics
  • The following assets are available to you on your NFHS Network page:
  • 300x250 Banner Ad
  • 850x530 Feature Carousel Image


You may set whatever price you see fit for each element or an entire package. Below is our suggested rate card:

  • Banner Ads: $500/ad per school year
  • Reads: $500/as per season
  • Commercials: $1,000/ad per season

Feel free to mix and match these elements into “Bundles” or “Packages.”  For example, a “Premium Package” would include a Banner Ad, Read and Commercial for $1,500


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